05 octubre, 2009

BIZNEWS21 Malware spreading through Facebook?

I have gotten two wall posts today in facebook from two different friends that say:

"Have you seen this yet? http://www.facebook.com/l/85746;BizNews21.org"

So Basically it’s a link to biznews21.org right now if I go there I get there is an apache server test page, so it seems that is not up and running yet!

The domain has just been registered as you can see here with Internic Who is BizNewz? So it seems to me that its some sort of viral thing going on!

It won’t stop at posting the links in your friends walls it will also change your status, this time it will say:

This seems liek the best job ever! http://CityNews9.org


http://CityNews9.org seems like the job for u!


Have a great day! check this when u have time! http://CityNews9.org


And the like. So be careful and don’t click those links until we know more about it! CityNews9 does actually take you to a working website. Which looks like a mock up of some financial journal talking about jobs.

There are others also roaming around like:

I lost 8 1/2 pounds in only 2 weeks with this new pill! visit ColonCleanerXL.com to get your free trial pack! hah
Monday Motivational News Article http://BigNews10.org

I wonder how is it spreading and whats the deal behind? Let me know if anyone gets the answer before I do! I recommend extreme caution!!!

UPDATE: Facebook is warning users already when they click on these links!

7 comentarios:

payall dijo...

Any info or solutions yet ??

Bon Vivant dijo...

not yet! but its seems there are already looking into it so latter today we might know something

Anónimo dijo...

I'm not a super computer whiz by any means, but perhaps this is a possibility.

It appears that the privacy settings on Facebook have changed once again. There is a proclaimer in the privacy settings that states that even if you dont use an application that a friend does, that the application can use your persoal information that you provide on your profile as well.

There is now a box to check off to stop this from happening to you, however, if you personally have an app that can do this, you are still at risk.

I *believe* that some of those apps out there are indeed accessing peoples personal information and posting virus links based on this.

I have notices that a lot of the links that go up are via cell phone updates. I checked my friends pages who have had this done and sure enough, their cell phone numbers are posted on their profile.

I have personally deleted all apps and changed all of my privacy settings, and have yet to have this happen to me. It may no be a permanent answer, but its worth a try until we know for sure what is safe.

Let me know your thougts...

Jessica in Barrie Ontario

Bon Vivant dijo...

Indeed, good observation, it is via cell phone updates! Maybe it is a java based virus on the cell phones.

Facebook is now giving you a warning when you click on the links.

Anónimo dijo...

It's been going on on Myspace.com too for awhile. It's Phishing. Make sure to change your FB password, if you've been clicking on those links and logging in on a fake site. The fake site steals your username and password and starts plastering stuff on your and your friends Walls on FB.

Bon Vivant dijo...

thanks for the input, I haven't used my myspace account in so long I almost forgot that there is a lot going on there.

Anónimo dijo...

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